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Default Re: Vinnie Colaiuta

It really is all change for Vinnie.... I see he's put an 18" crash where his ride normally is. Can't help but have a wry smile at the fact he has a Paiste Alpha up there!

Does anyone care about all this? Well - I for one am a little intrigued about the Signature Traditionals as a result of VC's comments. I know exactly what he was referring to about having a preconception of what Paiste is all about. For me that changed somewhat a few years ago when I got a Signature Dark Energy MK2 22" Ride. Suffice to say, that cymbal challenged my preconceptions of what is the Paiste sound and it is one of my absolute favourite cymbals, albeit still outnumbered 8 to 1 by my Zildjians.
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