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Default Come on say hello - you might as well - there's DRUM PORN too! :)

Hey folks,

I have read this forum pretty much every day for about 5 years and figured it's probably about time I contributed :)

I have been a busy gigging drummer over the last 4 years doing between 60-70 gigs a year and in 2 bands; British Indy and a 80's hair-metal tribute band \m/ lol

I dropped the Indy band as it was to much and started a 90's Grunge tribute band. I'm now on a more more manageable 30ish gigs a year.

One of the perks of being a busy gigging drummer have been the opportunity to re-invest and improve the gear - 2/3rds of gig money on gear... the rest on beer :)

WARNING - drum porn follows...

For the Grunge band - Yamaha Oak Customs with Sabian HHX Evoluation Cymbals:

This kit has wood hoops now... and slightly less cowbell ;)
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