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Default Re: Deafdrummer

I also am curious as how you get along on the drums with your disability.

I can imagine being partially or completely deaf would definately be a struggle at points.

The fact are back playing again, is great. Hopefully you continue.

You could use a computer and loop someone playing dig, or find a dedicated player.

You could theoretically be your own band with samples, MIDI and whatever for a while UNTIL you find other players....

Just a thought.

I went for almost a year of not playing before I started having problems with depression due to not playing, and the anxiety of never palying again. The first tent imes, maybe, I thought about how much REWORK was needing to be "back in shape"

Get past that, and you'll be right as rain.

Your an inspiration , being a drummer, and deaf. Hats off to you.
"If I became parapalegic I would try to use my forehead to drum, or my tongue or nose." - Myself
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