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Default Re: My crazy drum kits!

The snare drum is a Remo Buffalo Drum - very inexpensive ($39 from Musician's Friend) and it's supposed to be usd for drum circle type applications. I screwed a set of Puresound 20 strand wires into the shell, cut off one end, then duct-taped the loose ends to the underside of the shell. I thought it would sound like crap but it doesn't! It sounds fantastic - super dry and crisp. No throw-off, so it's a full time snare. It weighs about 1 1/2 pounds and is weatherproof. After 7 months of playing, the head looks brand new - not a mark! (The head is Fiberskyn.) I originally intended this as an experiment, but it sounds so good I use it as my full time snare. Also, eminently hand-playable - no rims to hurt you! The 'rim' sound is decent - woody and clicky, it could be better though. All in all, a great little drum and easy to make.
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