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Default Re: Recording live gigs with a laptop & PA?

Depending on what signals are being run through the PA board, you might be able to take a signal from the tape-outs and get a decent mix. If it's a small club situation, however, it's likely that only the vox will be in the PA, and you won't get any of the instruments in your mix (except what bleeds through the vox mics) unless you mic them seperately, which adds dramatically to your cost, complexity, and setup/tear-down time.

I have used a portable recorder (Zoom H4n, in my case) to record band rehearsals and live shows. The built-in mics work very well, but I've also had good success with a stereo ribbon mic placed to get a good balance from the instruments and the PA. From there, you can drop the .wav file into your editing software (Cubase, ProTools, etc.) and make any edits or EQ/processing tweaks you want.
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