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Default Re: Post your not-so- top-40 retro clip of the day

Originally Posted by resohead View Post
I agree. Does anyone remember if Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash toured together in the early 70s? I saw Wishbone Ash but I can't remember who else was on the bill. Actually I can barely remember seeing WA. lol
Wishbone Ash. That brings back memories. Steve Upton was as good on drums as anyone going around in rock at the time.

Trouble is, the band lacked personality so he slipped under the radar. I always thought this was their best song:

Andy, Hereford has a helluva rock pedigree for a rural town! Pretenders and Mott the Hoope. I was a huge Ian Hunter fan - All American Alien Boy was a favourite.

You Nearly Did me In was a brilliant, brilliant track with an unbelievable lineup .... Jaco on bass, Aynsley Dunbar on drums, David Sanborn on soprano, and Queen on backup vocals! (plus some slick sessioners).

Then add his soulful, heartfelt vocals and lyrics ... music to give you the tingles. Enjoy ...

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