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Default Re: Vinyl v CD - Discussion

i agree that in my world the more proper debate is digital vs. analog. i have heard vinyl that was recorded digitally that screeched my ears because it was recorded digtally - Heart's "Heart" and "Bad Animals" from the 80's come to mind. i could not even listen to them and hardly played them. even though i loved the videos on MTV, i would remove the vinyl from my turntable within a few seconds of plopping the needle down. sadness. it just hurt my ears too much.

on the other hand i have heard many warm cds and mp3's, and i'll take a properly mastered digital recording over old school technology any time. but you never know what you're gonna get until you hear it. i've also heard many re-masters of analog recordings that not only sound horribly digital - they don't even sound like the original recording. re-mastering is often akin to taking a house apart piece-by-piece and re-assembling it. even with the best of intentions, it's not gonna go back together exactly the same as it was.

sorry if i strayed from your original topic.
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