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Default Re: Vinyl v CD - Discussion

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
I've purchased about 30+ vinyl LPs over the last year and about 3 CDs. Of course the vinyl is used and is older stuff, but yeah there's no beating the sound of an analog recording in my book. To wit - not that I'm a crazy Rush fan, but lsiten to their 1970s and early 80s work in analog compared to the later more recent stuff. Peart's drum is vibrant and alive, as is Lifeson's guitar, etc., etc. The comback continues. Vinyl is selling more and more every year. And this is "new" vinyl. Plus there's the whole bigger aesthetic argument for vinyl. Cover artwork is better, liner notes. More of a piece of artwork.

I mean I'll never forget purchasingZeppelin's "Physical Graffiti" double album in vinyl as a kid. Thick and heavy, all in shrinkwrap. Cool artwork on the cover. Then there's "Kashmir".... ah heaven !
I have 3 Rush Vinyl's. And the Spirit Of The Radio single with the Tree's B-side (I think? Or the other way about).
I have the greatest hits CD too, but Rush on Vinyl. 10,000x better! Also got the original Hemispheres too. I have the CD. Vinyl = 10,000x better and anyone who uses "the scratching noise" for an excuse for CD's being better than vinyl are wrong. The scratching is amazing!
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