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Default Vinyl v CD - Discussion

Making this discussion because I had a few vinyls that I had bought but never been able to play them until recently when my parents dug out an old vinyl player.

I had a vinyl/cd pack and I had always heard people say "vinyl is so much better than CD's" but I was never really sure, so this seemed like a perfect comparison. And I must say, what a difference. This album was done on analog and everything was completely raw (I believe it was done in Monnow Valley Studio's in Wales if anyone knows about it).

The rawness and clearness came out completely. While doing this, I decided to upload the vinyl rip for you guys so you can all hear the difference. - Vinyl - CD

Personally, I prefer the vinyl. But as the vinyl player has been out, we decided to get more vinyl's out and in the collection beholded "Back In Black" by AC/DC. It sound SO much rawer and real compared to the CD and Remaster. Which I come to my conclusion, I much prefer vinyl to CD's. But what do you guys think?
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