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Default Re: Attack vs Sustain - Double vs Single ply Heads

Personally, I've been hooked on the heavier single-ply heads for a while now. I used to be all about the coated G2 or clear EC2S (depending on the situation) but got hooked on the G Plus and the new G14 back in November. The thicker single-ply heads (particularly the G14) seem to offer more attack than a typical single-ply head but response like you would expect out of a thinner 10mil head.

As far as technique goes, when playing faster rhythmic passages, I'm careful to play with more of a staccato articulation in order to allow the head to speak during each hit- making sure that the stick doesn't spend any longer than it needs to on the head. Playing staccato, or "separated," will help you achieve better rhythmic definition. I'd recommend continuing what you're doing with sticking exercises on the toms (play them on each one too) with a metronome and at various tempi.

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