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Default Re: Spinning vinyl

My thoughts are not that you can't listen to a disc in its entirety, or that vinyl is better than digital, it is that the temptation to skip/fast forward/program, especially in this disposable mentality the world has nowadays, is so great that I think a lot of the newer generation may miss out on the experience of sitting down and taking the time to listen to an album in its entirety. Not saying you can't do it with CDs (I do it all the time) just saying the convenience and ease can make one blow through a disc.

Overall, to me, the advantages of CDs/digital is so much greater it blows vinyl away.

But as far as "music on the go"...yeah that is an advantage and I myself have a loaded mp3 player on standby. But if given the chance I'd rather eat my food at home at a dinner table than pull through the drive thru and eat it while driving. Sometimes you can't do that, and that is a time vinyl loses. Of course, I guess we could always bring out the 8-track player and put it in the car!
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