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Default Re: What was your first time listening to Free Jazz by Ornette Coleman like?

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
First Ornette Coleman I ever heard was Song X, his effort with Pat Metheny. Basically lifted off the top of my skull and exposed my brain to the air for the first time. Music on the very edge of the definition of music, not safely inside the accepted notions of music. I was instantly in love. Then I went to the older stuff, like Circle With A Hole In The Middle, blew my mind even more than before. Billy Higgins is amazing on that album, which is underappreciated. Most people reference the album Free Jazz, but I think Coleman's best stuff came afterward. Live At Stockholm is also terrific. El Corazon with Don Cherry is also worth checking out.
Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
I was already well-acquainted with "free jazz" by the time I first heard it, so it wasn't shocking to me. I had already been exposed to Coltrane's Interstellar Space, Ayler's Spiritual Unity and Cecil Taylor. In a way, Free Jazz sounded a lot more "inside" coming from that perspective.

I do love it, though. Those early Coleman Atlantic recordings are excellent. Shape Of Jazz To Come and Change Of The Century are probably my favorites.
Not the news I had hoped for. But it's cool that you guys were already familiar with something similar. I heard it in my jazz class at school and this is immediately following a four week section on Modal Jazz, so it definitely took my head off as well. My teacher put it on, and people start laughing and making fart noises, (this is an upper level college lecture, mind you) and there's one jazz guitarist I see in the class paying attention and smiling when something happens. And I start really listening. It didn't take long, and despite my not really understanding the music, it was so cool.

All the albums you guys mentioned are next on my list.
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