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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi, i am Adrian, 50 years old, playing since i was 14 (Learnt the piano before that). I used to play real loud and hard and had a spiky haircut the combination of the noise and the hair got me a sonic the hedgehog nick which stuck even though my playing is now much more subtle and I have much less hair!

I love the playing of omar hakim, Taylor Hawkins, dave grohl, Jon bonham and Chester thompson.

I play a 1990's 6 piece yamaha maple custom drumkit with a pearl custom alloy brass snare with zildjan custom a cymbals and paiste sound edge hats. I also play on a Roland td20 electronic kit mostly for practise

I practise at home on my electronic kit and in rooms with my band on my acoustic kit.

I am in 2 bands, one pop/ wedding music, one indie rock, mostly covers some original tunes

Oh, I love curry, I live in England and I started playing on biscuit tins with wooden spoons!
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