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Default Re: 4/5: RIP Layne Staley

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
You have just admitted you have never taken drugs so how could you possibly know this would be the case that you would suddenly become unhappy? You are just assuming that is the case. Again, you have chosen a lifestyle which does not involve drugs. No-one made you do that, that is a choice you made for yourself. Why you did that is not really the issue. If someone chose to go and kill someone because "that is just the way they are" or "that would make them happy" then it doesn't suddenly make it right.

Oh and by the way, shorten up the replies a bit. No-one likes wasting half an hour reading someone else's posts and if you can't say what you want to say in less than a few sentences, then maybe what you want to say isn't worth saying ;)
I don't know if it would make me happy or not to do drugs. That is my point. We are imperfect. I might be way happier if I did drugs. I might be way happier if I did drugs to death. But I do not want to try them. Why do I not want to try them? Because I "feel" or "believe" or "sense" or whatever word that it would lead me to less happiness. Whether I'm right or wrong to believe that is beside the point.

You said "If someone chose to go and kill someone because 'that is just the way they are' or 'that would make them happy' then it doesn't suddenly make it right". I'm not sure where this is coming from except for your own bias coming out in your argument. I'm not saying one thing is better. This is irrelevant to the point.

I'm saying we are all led by happiness. We can fool ourselves or trick ourselves into thinking something will make us happier. But we can't pursue something that we think will make us unhappy.

There is obviously no gene that leads us to do any specific thing. It is a combination of many genes and our genes reactions to our environment that makes us diverse in our reactions.. But I no more chose to be straight edge than he chose to be an addict. Why do you think this is the case?

Heck, one can be both a teetotaler and an addict. All I'm pointing out is that everyone seeks happiness. We seek it non stop. We are fallible and can do things contrary to our happiness, but we are just seeking it. And from the monkey example (which is just one of many) I'm showing you that there is genetic link to liking fermenting fruit. Both species evolved around fermenting fruit. Both developed similar proportions of non/social/alcoholics. It is just genetic diversity. It is just an illusion of choice. You are driven to do stuff from base needs that you did not pick. From the questions I gave you in my 2nd post above, I gave you a few general examples of that.

How to test it is to find a time you intentionally chose to do something that would make you less happy while knowing it would make you less happy. wasn't a mistake. It wasn't you being foolish. You knew full well that what you were about to do would make you far less happy than you were and you did it anyway.
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