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Default Re: Whats the deal with Glam Metal

Everyone has a style of music that they just don't really care for. Rock fans hate country music. Country music fans hate hip hop. Death metal fans hate any other metal. Then they all get mad at other people not liking there type of music. Im sure there is a style of music you don't like. And there will be someone mad because you don't take their style of music seriously. Like what you like. Who cares. Awhile back someone was complaining because people don't like death metal. And they went on and on about how mistreated they were. I find most people into death metal very critical of other forms of music. Yet they get mad when people don't care for their chosen style. Who cares. Im selfish. I like what i like. ANd i don't even consider what other people like. Life is too short to care.........Since I'm ranting i also hate how it is cool to like jazz music. Im like of musicians in my area talking about how much they love jazz and how its their favorite music BUT......... they don't own a single jazz album and can only name one or two bands. WHY if you don't really like jazz or don't really listen to it......dont be afraid to say you don't like something.
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