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Default Re: Whats the deal with Glam Metal

Originally Posted by sbowman128675 View Post
Why do people hate it so much?
Here are some the arguments I've heard (some of which are valid and to interpretation).
  • It's vapid
  • It's pejoratively simple in style and function
  • It's misogynistic
  • it celebrates shallow themes
  • It embraces rock's worst cliches
While I don't necessarily buy into all that, the 80s hair/glam material I own is considered guilty pleasure listening. For me, mostly because the lyrics can be so absurd. I'd be the first to admit there is some mightly talent in the glam metal ranks.

Although, for all its bad press there is clearly some need for catchy, riff-driven rock that encourages us all to booze up; get laid; drive our cars fast; get in a fight; rebel against 'the man.' (Not necessarily in that order).
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