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I don't find Tommy's Groove Essentials too basic, let's face it a lot of musicians wish that their drummers kept their beats as 'basic' as this instead of being all over the place like a cheap suit.

Don't know where the 'geeky' looking thing comes from, Tommy is tall and very presentable, and a very good speaker to boot. If that's 'geeky' then I would love to be geeky (instead of just being tall).

Tommy's dad was the legendary Sonny Igoe who drove the exciting Woody Herman band in the 50's. This was generally regarded as one the most advanced and swinging of the Herman bands, and that is saying something. Tommy has also been heavily involved in writing and producing the music for the 'Lion King' stage show plus a zillion other things.

I think the the groove essentials poster and DVD are essential viewing for even those drummers who think they know it all - it has sure helped me (even though I do know it all).
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