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Default Re: Whats the deal with Glam Metal

I definately think some great music came out of that period.

The eighties were my my teenage years so the whole "don't need nothin but a good time" party attitude was in full affect.

Still, whenever I hear music from that timeframe it brings a smile to my face
those were happy times.

The 90's seemed to take a much more serious, moody approach - ditched the guitar solo's and went to flannel, army boots and pretty much put a wet blanket
on glam rock for quite some time.

Now there is acutally a resurgence of interest in music form that time due to guitar hero - the younger generation is digging it in a big way.

I think it is cool when I see my friends kids playing guitar hero to glam metal music.

It's like What Zappa said about jazz:

"it's not dead - it just smells funny"
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