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Default Attack vs Sustain - Double vs Single ply Heads

As the subject states which balance of Attack vs Sustain do you prefer? One side of me loves two ply heads for more attack while the other side is loving single ply heads for more sustain and tone.

Mr drumming style varies from rock, blues, pop, and even some latin stuff. On single ply heads I miss the attack when I get busy on the toms but when I use them in a linear/melodic fashion they shine. The double ply heads seem to shine when I get busy on the heads and are good for linear stuff just not as good as the single ply heads.

So I understand there is a compromise to be made for me and those who like to play busy yet still melodic on the toms.

My question is....Do you utilize a different technique to get more attack out of a single ply head when you want to get busy?

My chops sound somewhat muddy at times when I get busy on single ply tom heads yet they sound solid when I get busy on double ply heads.

I've been working on slow clean sticking exercises on my toms just to try and be precise to get good attack that registers in my ears on single ply heads from the drivers seat but am curious to hear about your thoughts and experiences as well.

I also understand that I can tune a single ply head for more attack (lower tuning) and tune a double ply head for more sustain and tone (higher tuning) but when "feel" is an important factor in your tuning it just seems counter intuitive to go that route.

I'm having a hard time making a compromise between the two types of!!!!

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