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Default Re: Whats the deal with Glam Metal

I was 13 in 1981 when I got my first kit. Up to that point, I had pretty much grown up listening to the Beatles and Van Halen, but once I started drumming, it quickly became Rush, The Police, Missing Persons, The (Dixie) Dregs, Return To Forever, King Crimson, and later bands like The Cure, Big Black, The Cult, Scratch Acid, and the like.

I thought Tommy Lee was a super-badass drummer, but didn't care for his band. I even liked Rikki Rocket, but couldn't handle that band at all. Quiet Riot was a joke a could get, so I did like them, and Frankie Banali was (and is) a total beast. Loved his playing. (sold him a snare on eBay couple months ago - what a trip!)

Ditto for many of the other musos that were playing in those bands, especially the guitar players. Seemed EVH had really set the bar to a ridiculous height and all guitar players had that to live up to. But all the excess and showmanship really seemed to detract from something that I thought was important - which was the songwriting element. Such corny songs saturating the airwaves, I couldn't stand it. Didn't these guys ever listen to The Beatles? Didn't they learn that without a song, you're just an empty suit?

But what might have made the whole genre worse for me than anything were its religious-like followers. Man, these were the people I should have been getting along with since we liked many of the same illegal recreational activities and were total music heads in general, but because I couldn't get on board with what they were listening to, and because what I was into was relatively "lite" and somehow too serious, I became an outcast. The jazz crowd wouldn't have me either, since I was still a rocker. Oh well.

Anyway, I was over the moon when Soundgarden started getting traction, and bursting with glee when Nirvana put all the nonsense to bed once and for all. Finally, good players and good songwriters could coexist in the same band!

Glam/Hair Metal? Yeah, good riddance!
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