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Default Re: RIP Jim Marshall

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
...but me, I've always hated Marshalls.

Too much gain, too raw, too much natural dirt and all the guys I ever played with could never control their tone or volume. Give me a Fender twin reverb, Mesa Boogie, Vox ... any day.

That suits me just fine Aydee. No need to suffer when I'm here to lend a hand. You can send 'em over to my stage and I'll willingly let 'em take my head off any day of the week.

Dirty, raw, power.......wouldn't have it any other way baby!!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Still, someone like Jimmy Page seemed to work out how to get the most out of them across a range of dynamics.......
And I'd crawl into the very pit of hell itself to get his on my stage.

Sad to see Jim go, but I'm eternally greatful for what he left behind.
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