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Default Re: RIP Jim Marshall

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Abe, I'm mostly with you on that, & as a drummer, it almost pains me to say this, but that raw "lack of control" is sometimes the making of the performance. Our guitarist uses all Marshall gear, but I must admit, he has some super special valve power amp thingy that's out of the ordinary. His level of dynamic & tone control is a constant surprise to me.

sorry for the minor derail.
There's way too much history with great guitarists playing Marshalls for mine to be anything other than a quirky personal opinion, Andy. Maybe its just the guys I've played with over the years..

Most of the good ones used very few pedals and really knew how to get 'everything' from just the guitar and a valve amp.
The Marshalls were a little harder to tame for them. It does have a one-of a - kind beautiful thick tone when you get it right, but with my guys, that was easier said than done.

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