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Default Re: Whats the deal with Glam Metal

I wish hair metal would make a come back! That was the music I played in my first band and I loved all of it! Probably why I can't stand Nirvana!

Every song had a killer guitar solo. Most of those guys will never get the credit they deserve because most people are afraid to admit they liked hair metal. Like it makes you less of a man or not as knowledgable about music. I proudly admit I love hair metal and still listen to it loud in my car to this day!

You ask people who the best guitar player of all time is and I'm willing to bet that Eddie Van Halen would probably be the most mentioned. But let me throw a name out there of someone who would have been just as big as Eddie had his music and health lasted...Vito Bratta! Say whatever about their music, but that man made that guitar sing! His solo's were melodic where most others were all about speed and high notes.

I love all kinds of music and respect almost all genres, but it seems people don't have the guts to admit they liked hair metal. Or never gave it a chance because they heard it was dudes in tights with make-up on.

Love it or hate it, they were all musicians that although they may not have played your favorite style of music, they still were talented enough to contribute to music. Which is more than I can say for myself and I'm sure many, if not most of the people that put hair metal down!

Too many stuck up music snobs that think they know it all! I'm not speaking of anyone in particular either, so don't crucify me too bad. This is a particular sore subject with me.
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