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Originally Posted by Richards1008 View Post
Remember music started through the passing on by ear... not by sheet music... saying you should not learn drums by ear is like saying you should never practice religion since there is no scientific proof any religious figure exists... music is a passion, not a science. Maybe this sounds hippy-ish but I have never seen a piece of sheet music and thought "Wow I'm really feelin' this groove" and then started dancing to it or felt emotion from it. Your concept of not understanding technical and music theory therefore you know nothing about music is an ad ignorantium fallacy.

I think Cobus is one drummer that knows how to groove, He is in touch with the music, he does what he likes, and does not expect anything from anyone, nor will he ever buy into something he does not believe in. I think the reason so many people don't like them is because they are either jealous of his over night success when they spent years working on technique and because he could really give a crap what people think of him and thus does his own thing. He is a personality like no other and one that I think, in this crap world alot of young people can and should look up to (As opposed to such trainwrecks as found in most of the hollywood and music industry population.)

I agree most that say he is overrated or not that good are just pissed they have been doing this for 10-15 years and still cant come close to him. as far as his technique and what not...really who cares we could spend all day picking at that and lets face it, it does NOT matter at the end of the day. What im getting at is he is very good who cares if he has never played in a band or this and that at the end of the day is he a good drummer or not? Yes.
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