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Default Alesis DM8 Studio - Don't bother. Alesis DM10 - Better but noisy.

I got an Alesis DM8 just before Christmas and the trigger in the bell on the ride cymbal packed up within a month. By the end of January the whole ride was dead and the hi-hat controller pedal starting getting temperamental. Sometimes it didn't work at all.

I suspected it was a problem with the leads - the DM8 has all the leads from the triggers going into one DB25 connector that goes into the brain. I sent the broken parts back (including the brain and loom) to Andertons and after 6 week they said that they couldn't get a replacement ride but I could have one from a DM10 kit instead.

I was so frustrated I told them I wanted to send the whole thing back which I did. I spent another 170 to upgrade to an Alesis DM10 instead.

The DM10 is much sturdier looking and feeling and the triggers all have their own inputs which inspires confidence. The trouble with the DM10 is that the pads don't half make a racket when you hit 'em - they are way louder than the DM8. It's like beating on icecream tubs!

I'm gonna try some mesh heads on the DM10 to make it quieter. Hopefully it'll last longer than the DM8.
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