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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Use the internet to your full advantage in finding people. Aren't there any websites that are geared specifically for musicians looking for musicians in your country? ?
No, there are not, but any musician forum has a special sub-section for "musician available", wich i took advantage of.

Originally Posted by mcbike View Post
If you are still in high school you should just be less picky about what gigs you are doing. Try to hook up with bands and musicians that are playing out there and getting gigs. Look for every opportunity to play. It might not be the concerts or nightclubs but you can play all kind of gigs like parties, librarys, schools, civic events, etc.

It doesn't really matter what genre you play. Just try to get out there and play.
That`s exactly my point, too. I don`t mind playing a specific genre, i don`t mind anything at all, I just don`t find people and, more important, a rehearsal space.

I have a few friends that would play old pop-rock stuff on weekend nights on a bar. That`s where i usually hang for a few beers on Friday night, meet friends, listen to them and have a good time. They suggested about two weeks ago that we should play at this year`s city fair. That`s great news, and it`s a bit ironic it happened when i just started complaining, lol! It`s gonna be a street gig, actually i think that what we`re going to do is called busking, but it will be fun. We`re planning to play about 4 hours/ day for 3 days, wich means about 80 songs to learn! That`s a hell to remind, but it`s gonna be awesome!

If this wouldn`t have happened, i would have posted a few ads in the local newspapers.
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