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Default Re: IQ test. You will like it but it is tough.

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Ok, ok, you got me......gave up after 5 or 6. In the middle of yesterday's work day I've gotta be honest and declare, I just couldn't be arsed thinking anymore than I had to.

Too funny Pol!!

I know. It lead me to think just how many DW forum members would be shocked out of their wits in the presence of my company....they thought that was offensive? Man, they'd shudder to find themselves at a bar with me and my crew.
Nice excuse, PFOG. Ha - the Aussie pub scene in the 70s/80s was not exactly genteel :)

People often confuse decency with language or (fairly normal) sexuality. This kind of tiresome naivete is like an epidemic these days.

Some of the least decent people around are "family friendly" but will rip you off or stab you in the back without a qualm.

But what would I know? 107 is only 28 more than you get with mindless guesses :)
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