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Default Re: IQ test. You will like it but it is tough.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
The key for me is not to do the test at 23:30 half asleep and guess at the last 5 or so so I could go to bed. Best excuse my 103 IQ could think of.
Excuses excuses! I was strongly (and pleasantly) affected by "carers' medicine", and also I was dealing with a tradesman, and took two phone calls while doing the test :P

I was also suffering from the vapours after reading the hard language that's crept into DW ... cotton picking, ruddy, bitch .... oh oh oh ... I think I'm about to faint ... and in a thread about wives someone intimated that they had sex with their wife! Hard to believe, I know. I was traumatised for days.

These things would have cost me, say, about 200 points at least ... so if I add that to the 107 I got in that little visuo-spacial / maths test (IQ test is a misnomer here) I would have scored, um, 309!!

Funny, no one's posting to say "hey, I got 62!" or "I gave up after two questions" :)
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