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Default Re: My crazy drum kits!

Great blog! I love restoration threads and franken-kit threads. I have a few questions and one suggestion for you:

How did that 28x9 bass sound? I've been thinking of getting a shallow, large diameter bass drum just to mix it up a bit at gigs. Did it still have nice
oomph" or did it lack character because of the depth?

One thing I'd love to see documented is taking one of those longer smaller diameter bass drums and slicing it down. After much pestering I've finally got my drum guy to agree to this and now I see a whole world of possibilities for people like myself that are looking for more traditional sizes but don't have the cash to fork out for custom or vintage kits.

I'd love to see you get your hands of one of those trendy sized OCDP, Gretsch Catalina mod or DDrum kits with say a 20x20 bass and wrap finish and slice it all down and re-finish it to look old. That would be a beautiful thing.
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