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Default Re: Anyone used a Gibraltar Bass Drum Cymbal Mount?

Originally Posted by Anduin View Post
Whoever designs for cymbals at Gibraltar seems completely clueless about preventing damage.

I bought a Gibraltar x-hat, and the clutch has threading all the way up. No way Iím putting my cymbals on that destructo-matic.

I bought a Gibraltar cymbal boom arm (the kind you multiclamp onto another stand), and the centre rod is waaaaay fatter than any of my Pearl, Yamaha, and Tama cymbal stands, which means cymbals can hardly move before being abruptly stopped by the stand. No way Iím putting my cymbals on that destructo-matic either.

I donít understand why that company still exists, given their products are so poorly-designed.
Interesting, I own two Gibraltar hat stands and the clutches are smooth where the cymbal goes. I have three Gibraltar cymbal stands and they have no issues with tight cymbals. I have five various Gibraltar cymbal arms and I have no issues with them either. I also have a Gibraltar single pedal that has no issues.
I have hardware from Sonor, Tama, Mapex, and Pearl also. I Have a vast amount of hardware to compare with. I don't hesitate to hang my Istanbul Agop or K Zildjian pies on Gibraltar hardware.
Hardware is all that Gibraltar makes. They supply many drum manufacturers such as Gretsch.
I kind of like old drums:)
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