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Default Bass player in a strange world

Hello, drummers. I'm primarily a bass player exploring some unfamiliar territory in the land where people beat things with sticks. I also play guitar and do some home recording.

About a month ago, I started looking for a cheap-@$$ kit for my garage studio for my 7-year-old daughter and me to bang around on. For $200, I picked up a bottom-of-the-barrel PDP kit with Sabian B8s off Craigslist. I know it's a POS, and it sounds pretty bad, but it will get us started. For me, it's mostly to expand my musical experience, and improve my recording and mixing skills. For my daughter, it's turning out to be something that she is taking to quite well. She's very excited to play and practice, and she is picking up new techniques very quickly.

Knowing my tendancies with buying gear, I expect that our cheap kit will not be around for long before it gets upgraded. If my daughter continues to show interest and a willingness to keep improving, I have no problem using that as an excuse to buy a better kit.

Additionally, my own struggles to play simple patterns and fills have given me a new appreciation for the (quite remarkable) skill level of the drummer in my current band.

My garage studio...

Maddie rocking along with some Social D...


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