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Default Re: IQ test. You will like it but it is tough.

I took the test and got 110 but I really have no faith in these types of tests. I'm horrible at math and these geometric what comes next type of questions but I've always been a good standardized test taker. I'm pretty good at process of elimination and guessing. I can tell you that for at least the last 7 questions or so, I did nothing but make pure guesses.

I remember on my ACT in high school I scored equally high in both English and Math which is a complete crock since I'm a great in English but horrible in math. I struggled to make it through one quarter of algebra in college. It's the exact reason I have a bachelor of Arts degree (in English, no less) rather than a bachelor of science - less math to take!

These types of starndardized tests really do not give any type of accurate reading in my opinion and should be stopped in schools as well!
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