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Default Re: Why Musicians Shouldn't Work for Peanuts

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Which is why they increasingly pin the responsibility for success on gaming machines. And it works every time. No noise. Fewer rowdies. Less mess. No band egos to deal with. No setup and tear down. Just the consistent flow of money from customer to bar owner ...
+ 1 Though in my local economy it's not gaming machines yet (I understand though it may be happening in the future).

For here it's still a DJ or a gazillion large screen TV's that play sports, etc...

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
They don't need you...they'll sell booze and make money with or without you. So, if you expect to make more than peanuts...bring some fans with you. If this weren't the case, and there was *more* of an incentive (demand), the market would be tipped more in favor of musicians.
+1 This is what it is in my local economy. In some cases you could substitute the word booze for coffee Ė but same application.

Originally Posted by Bad Tempered Clavier View Post
If that's their attitude, then why bother putting bands on at all?

Absolutely-doodley: if your venue is worth playing at then people will value getting a gig there. If you don't give a toss, then they don't give a toss. The trouble comes back to how easy it is to get a gig at these joints; if a bunch of jokers with amps that don't work can just stroll onto the stage for no money and don't care whether any body will show up or not - then that venue is unlikely to attract any decent acts and so the problem just keeps rolling around without anyone doing anything about it.
Again, this could be a reflection of local economies but itís not so easy in my local area to get a free gig even. The competition is still there and the people with amps who canít play a stitch Ė donít gig at all - not even for free. Once theyíve played their initial gig, they are not invited back.

Again, the places here will be open and doing fine whether or not anyone is there playing live music. Many of the same people will be there as well - except for the people the band brings is. The owners are in a win/win situation. They make money regardless if there's a band there. If there is a band there, they make more money.

Again for me, the money issue is no longer a part of the equation as it was back in the 80's and 90's. Players of all levels get this - professional or otherwise. No one is taking anyone's opportunity away to make money or play for free. We all know which places pay and which ones do not. It's fair game and it's up to each band to decide.

Fortunately for me, in most cases, I prefer the free ones since they tend to be more fun than the paying ones.
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