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Default Re: Why Musicians Shouldn't Work for Peanuts

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
It's the band's responsibility to get people into the venue and spending money.
Though I agree with most of what you've said hitherto, I cannot agree with that. I concede that a band which puts a lot of effort into promoting itself will tend to do better than not, yet what you've said there has for far too long been the motto of lazy and moronic promoters and venue owners.

It baffles me when, to this day, some people who run small venues still have the attitude "I'll book this band but if they don't bring X amount of people through the door then they don't get booked again etc" - and then simply do nothing themselves to encourage people to come to the event which they have organised. Then they have the nerve to turn around and moan that they lose money by putting on gigs that no one comes to. Well whose fault is that?

This whole situation seems to have fallen arse-over-tit: I mean, no one's going to just pop round my house of a Friday evening out of the blue on the off chance they might hear some good music; but if somebody opens a club in a populated area which sells booze and has an area large enough to dance around in and he makes the place as inviting and welcoming as possible so that people actually start going there on a regular basis, may be then he could think of a way to entertain them. Honestly, none of us need a bloody MBA to work that one out.
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