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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Well after some time of checking the best forum for drummers i decided to introduce myself.I have no idea why i hesitated so long...

Name :Hampis
Country :Greece
Age : 43
Years of drumming : 5 but with a 20 year break between them
Bands i have joined : 5 ( 3 when i was 16 and 2 after the 20 year break)
Accoustic drums : Gretsch catalina club rock in wp 24-10-13-16-18 plus a custom made 8' tom by diamondelectronicdrums ( this is accoustic though..)
E-drums : On it's way Diamond Electronic drums with 2box module
Cymbals : Paiste ( formula 602,signature,2002) Masterwork ( various series mainly Perra)
Kind of music i like and play : Classic Rock
Things you are addicted to : Blonde girls :-)

ok that's it for now...
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