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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Hope you get to check out the "real thing" with my dvds. Over 9 hours between the two of them. And welcome back to the world of drumming too!


Thanks! Man, it was just "throw and go" soundcheck, nothing! So I appreciate the kind words. Glad you were there.


1. The Vaults are somewhat similar to the A Customs that were a bit thicker...I forget what they called the line. But they are bright and sturdy and most importantly musical. I use live 17", 18" 19" and a 20" AA Thin.

2. I haven't used 13"s since the 90s. I used KZs from '89-'97. That was the style then, but I really dig the 14"s. The 13"s seem thin and shrill in comparison but it really depends on the music, right?

3. The Precision ride is COMPLETELY different from the Liquid Ride. Chester had TWO rides and they were both renamed in the Vault series. They made both in Brilliant or Regular....whatever the customer wants.

There you go!

Cheers from Ontario, Canada

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