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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd,

I have a couple questions....

1: With the Vault crashes you use with Styx live, how tick are they? I'm comparing agianst A custom crashes by Zildjian. These are thin cymbals. Knowing you have good knowledge off the things you play, what are they? Thin, medium, thick?

2: Do you even change you main hats for a 13 inch model? To change up maybe? If not, why?
Me, myself, I use a 13 mostly, KZ by Zildjian

3: With the old precision ride, where they not natural in finish? With the Harmony Central interview you stated it is brillijant finish. Custom made at the time for you? Now a days the Liquid ride by Chester would be pretty much the same right?

That's all my questions for now. Hope you don't mind me being so..... full of questions!


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