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Default Re: Why Musicians Shouldn't Work for Peanuts

Once you've pushed the kids who aren't very good out of the way how are you going to get rid of the DJs? How about the poker machines?

If the "pros" in the bar scene picked up their own acts and learned to sight read at a high level they might pick up gigs at shows, with orchestras, on tours etc. Since the 70s (and no doubt before) bars have always provided lean pickings for all but a precious few.

Look at how the real culprits have pushed things to the point where musos turn on their own. Why should we attack young people just wanting to gig? Not good.

It would help far more to attack the real biggest source of our problems - gaming machines.

Maybe musicians could band together with like-minded lobby groups and campaign against gaming machine laws that make them so much more attractive to bar managers than music. It's more work and maybe less fun than picking on kids, though.

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