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Default Re: Why Musicians Shouldn't Work for Peanuts

But isn't playing live how you guys cut your teeth and get better? I've never seen vast improvement achieved by playing in a bedroom on your own. It always comes from slogging it out live in front of an audience....the ultimate test and quickest and most brutal learning curve I know of. That's where the real improvment is seen IMHO. If you're encouraging kids to sit at home until they're "pro" enough to get out amongst it, they'll be there forever.

Everyone has to start somewhere. All this "taking money out of my pocket" talk is a bridge too far. When I was starting out and still playing at a "garage band" level, we didn't get the big gigs....simple as that. We played in dives to 10 people including the bar staff on a Tuesday night for a percentage of the door. You can't honestly tell me that is any threat to a working pro?

Seems many of you have forgotten where you came from, to me. How else are these kids supposed to improve if you're all moving to deny them the opportunity to do it in the first place? In a normal course of a working life outside of the music scene, I've never seen a "master" threatened by an "apprentice" yet.

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