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Default Re: Why Musicians Shouldn't Work for Peanuts

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It seems the writer wants amateurs to charge pro rates so as not to impact on the pros ... might be hard for the students to get gigs.

Supply and demand ... noise laws, gaming machines, DJs and drink driving laws ... it's a shame but times change and musicians either adapt or perish.

The café scene seems a good source of gigs for small outfits, and then there's YouTube heroes and others monetising the web. Probably some other types of opportunities I haven't thought of.
Wise words. That's the right attitude. Like it or not, you're either desirable by a large enough segment of the market, to get paid well for what you do, or not. If you're not, there isn't anything you can (or should) do about it, aside from improving as a musician, playing with better musicians, and creating better music.

The music industry can no longer enjoy milking fans for *copies* of albums, forcing the whole thing down consumers' throats, even if 9 out of 10 songs on the album are crap. The internet has decimated the protectionism that IP laws have forcefully held in place, for far too long.

This is my opinion, BTW...I don't wish to debate whether or not Intellectual "Property" is a good idea. Please, let's pass on that subject for now.

Today...we're in charge of our art and that's exactly how it should be, IMO. It's the difference between being self-employed or being just another corporate employee. I thoroughly believe if you have a marketable product with broad appeal, and you put the work in that's necessary to propel you to success, then there is still plenty of opportunity out there. Whatever replaces the crumbling music label empire is surely going to be an improvement.

My goal; just have fun and make (what I think is) great music. The rest is a bonus.
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