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Default Re: Why Musicians Shouldn't Work for Peanuts

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
The arts are different - people do it for love, and that results in a skewed supply/demand situation that forces payments down.
I totally agree, the very reason why I play drums, draw, paint, create as an artist and as a musician, is first and foremost for the love of doing it, if by any chances, there's a financial rewards for anything I play or/and create is just an added bonus :)

From my own experiences, being a wanderer and moving across a few countries as certainely jeopardise my dedication to any arts making, and thus, any prospect at making out money, including music, being a family man, other priorities are "more" important when establishing yourselves in a new environment, so everything "arty" is somehow put in the background, and when you're finally ready, it's like a new start altogether, the not so good gigs, the tiny venues, building a reputation (again), and when you start to get where you could be in a position, where you could assume a decent rewards as a musician (or a band), you move away again, and you start all over again, no big drama, I choose this way of life incidentaly and for the love for my family, but it is my love for music and drumming that keeping me doing it all these years, I couldn't be without it :)
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