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Default Re: Why Musicians Shouldn't Work for Peanuts

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
So what are the amateurs undercutting the pros supposed to do? Charge pro rates?
In a word: yes. If a gig takes place on licensed premises and people are being charged for walking through the door, then the band should be paid: and paid well. If the venue doesn't make a profit on the night - that's their problem. If the venue considers itself a professional enterprise then I don't see why any act performing there should not consider itself similarly. I don't walk into a pub and expect to get free beer in exchange for telling a room full of people how great it is.

Originally Posted by brittc89 View Post
tell the kids, NO free gigs. You're not good enough to work yet? No problem!!! Dont work then! Keep it in the shed with your dudes, get tight, get killin, and then you can start to worry about venues.
This sums up very well what I feel the author of the article was driving at: I think the lines have been blurred for too long. Ain't nothing wrong with a bunch of beginners (or even experienced players) stepping onto a stage in front of their mates and rocking out for no fee - but if you just want to play for the fun of it then it's perfectly easy to do in a setting where there is no money involved whatsoever. House parties, church halls, community centres etc . . . great places to put on a free concert where it's all about fun and nothing else.

Once you bring money into the equation it's a different story. Premises that pay a license for supplying entertainment should properly cover the cost of that entertainment or not expect to be able to provide it at all. How many people on this forum have played or at least been offered one of those "it's-5.00-per-person-on-the-door-but-each-band-doesn't-get-anything-unless-they-bring-at-least-20-people" gigs? If all bands in a given area agree to that then logically one could have a gig where 4 bands each bring 19 fans through the door: the venue pockets 380 plus whatever they take at the bar from those 76 people and the bands get sod all. They pay the alcohol license, the entertainment license, the bar staff, the bouncers, even the idiot sound man gets paid - but the band? Nah, bollocks - they'll do the gig for the sheer love of music . . .

Originally Posted by brittc89 View Post
the gig acceptance tripod [. . .] The three legs are the music, the money, and the hang [. . .] two of the three legs need to be there in order to take a gig
Great little motto - must remember that.
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