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Default Re: Why Musicians Shouldn't Work for Peanuts

Originally Posted by JesusMySavior View Post
I try to get what I can when I play, but I'm not much of a complainer. Around here, you're lucky to find a band that needs a drummer or a guitarist or a vocalist or whatever.

Last gig I played, I filled in for their drummer, and we all went home with $30 each. That included my gas trip up to the town which was $20. But I had a blast. And the other two members were good friends of mine.

you can't put a price on a solid St. Patrick's Day memory!
A wise, wise man once told me of the gig acceptance tripod and Ive used it as a personal philosophy for years. The three legs are the music, the money, and the hang. And it breaks down like this, two of the three legs need to be there in order to take a gig. The music is great, the people are great (the hang), but the money is not so hot; take the gig. The music is great, the money is great, the hang is not your favorite; take the gig. The music is not your favorite, the money is great, the hang is great; take the gig (however, this particular combo has caused me stress in the past, I try to avoid playing bad music in general... Money and folks have to be EXCELLENT). I'm not a complete capitalist pig of a mercenary, I'm also an artist and a person :)
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