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Default Re: Why Musicians Shouldn't Work for Peanuts

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
So what are the amateurs undercutting the pros supposed to do? Charge pro rates? Might as well quit music school and go back to the den to play covers with records.

As I said before, this is small potatoes compared with the other forces working against live music these days.
Please do, kiddies! Part of the reason going out to see music is so unattractive are the garbage 12 year olds playing Nirvana covers with hot rods in the local coffee shop. They should NOT be getting gigs. Theyre undercutting cost and damaging venue reputation. I did this when I was 15. We literally stole a gig from local jazz musicians who were hundreds of times better than we were at the time. I didn't know we were undercutting (the POWER of education, I let all my students know how I feel about this and what they should be asking for when it's time to start gigging), but the jazz club went out of business and I think to a large degree my garbage high school jazz band was responsible. I wish I would not have done that. I had no idea I was doing anything wrong at the time, I didnt know the going local rate, I just selfishly wanted to play. SO get the word out, tell the kids, NO free gigs. You're not good enough to work yet? No problem!!! Dont work then! Keep it in the shed with your dudes, get tight, get killin, and then you can start to worry about venues. But just because individuals choose NOT to do this for a living and thus dont really need to practice or get to a certain level, doesnt mean they have a right to undercut me and then blame ME for having some form of pride in something that Ive worked my a## off for. It would be like putting an ad in the paper that said "Toilet broken? Call me, Ill fix it for FREE!" Plumbers probably wouldnt dig my little "just for fun" operation so much.
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