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Default Hey, What's UP?

Hey....The name's Bandaid, yea people actually call me that, or B.A lol....I've been lurking around this site for a WHILE so i figured I might as well join...

I'm 24 from Philly and have been wanting to play drums since i was 6 but was forced to play piano for 7 years lol...Then i picked up a guitar (4 years)...Now I have my place and and Gretsch Catalina fusion kit I bought off CL and I honestly don't care if I ever pick up another instrument again in my life lol....Ive been playing for 2 months, I only know one song lol (Sober by Tool) and I jam a lot with friends...I hope i can afford to take a lesson or two one day....Until then this site is as close as it gets.....Would be cool to jam with a few of you guys n gals lol....Ok Im done babbling ...^_^
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