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Stanton Moore - Take it to the Street!

This is something currently being marketed by Carl Fischer as two DVD's and one book+CD package.

I own both DVD's, which have been broken into "traditional approach" and "modern approach" to New Orleans drumming.

I think that the review of these DVD's is going to be very roomate and i have different opinions, which is great.

First, the cost is $29.95 USA for each DVD----average i guess, but together that's $60.00 with no booklet and no printable pdf files...i think all current and future DVD's should include pdf files for working with the's cheap and easy to produce.

Running Time, 60 min. per DVD----below average if you ask me...for that little running time it probably should only be one DVD, that's marketing, blah.

Do the TWO DVD's crossover material???? YES, too much for the cost.

Moore covers a lot of ground here...talking about his influences being from New Orleans (the heart of modern drumming)...he talks about Baby Dodds and how the jazz ride pattern evolved from his playing on the snare...then people played time on the ride, then hats, etc.
how he incorporates things that other drummers did before him whether they were playing a kit or marching in a parade...the evolution of the New orleans rhythms...incorporating brazilian, latin, and afro-cuban feel to his sticking and groove theory.

His rock and funk feel is covered as well.(Earl Palmer = New Orleans too!)

He goes over a few different sticking patterns RRLRRLRL, LLRLRLRR, etc...and how to make them feel a lot of different ways with different accents and inflection (snare in particular)
If you are a fan of Stanton Moore and of the New Orleans stuff that he focuses on (there is a lot of other stuff happening in New Orleans obviously) then you will be very happy.

The Production is top notch with an amazing group of musicians playing with him throughout the two hours (George Porter, Ivan Neville, Little Rascals)

For the Money I would be happier purchasing this as One DVD set with some written explanation of the techniques he discuses.

Also, he barely mentions his feet and never mentions his left foot, a BIG MISS as far as I'm concerned, he rocks the hats with his foot and does some really fun stuff with that 26" bass drum via remote.

HONESTLY---> If you're not already a fan of what Moore is doing and where it came from then don't purchase these DVD's...If you just want some ideas go to and download the pdf of PASIC 2005 and watch the stuff there (as well as here) it will give you a lot of the same ideas, plus it's written down for you.

If you are already a fan and want a well produced educational series that documents the evolution of modern drumming with a Moore slant then it is well worth the money...The footage of the various bands playing the grooves as he explaned them is very helpful and enjoyable.

For Both Videos ### 1/2 (probably ####, but there is too much overlap between the two)

If you want to purchase only one of these it should be "modern approach" same technique stuff and then some without as much history.(i appreciate the history lesson though)

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