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Default Hello all......

Hi everyone...just to use a little etiquette before I go posting elsewhere, allow me to introduce myself...

I am Fishbone Stretch, you can call me me either/or....or the whole handle.

I recently got back into drumming after a 20 year abstinence and wish I'd never stopped. Currently playing in a band in Thame, Oxfordshire doing small pub gigs for the time being until we get a name for ourselves and then we'll move on to bigger and better things.

Have electronic kit which is great for the smaller venues but also have the same acoustic kit which I owned 20 years ago and have been refurbishing with new skins, cymbals and extra cymbals and bits.....

I host and contribute to too many other forums to count but hope I can make a worthwhile contribution here although my posts may be fairly infrequent.

I'm learning all the time but hope I can count on you all for a little help and advice.

Fishbone Stretch
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