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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Originally Posted by uniin View Post
i really liked that reso on that finish.. or at least on the one in my local shop... they're all different, the one in my local shop has more white coming through than black. very nice on the chrome though :)
Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I walked into a Guitar Center looking for a smooth white 22 Remo Powerstroke 3 (that they actually had - it was to be my original front reso head for the bass drum), and they had the chrome head on the wall. It's a Remo Starfire head. Remo still makes them, but they're rare and not everybody has them. I told them I'll buy the one on the wall, but they didn't want to lose their display head so he went rummaging around in the warehouse and they had ONE left. $40 and I was out the door. I took the smooth white PS3 too. Got 'em home, and used Cutex nail polish remover (with acetone) to take off the Remo logo, and then applied my own Tama decals I bought off a seller on eBay (he sold me five a long time ago). And voila! Instant new front resos!

I'm itching to put a mic inside the drum, so I may cut a hole in the white PS3 and use that when I want to record. What I should've done was get TWO of the chrome heads and cut a hole in one of them.....
hmmm. did the Remo come off cleanly ? it looks great in the photo, i thought it was stock. is the Tama logo clear backed ?

i too dislike the yellow/brown look of Fiberskyns. i saw some grey/black on white (or light grey) that appear to be Fiberskyns, but i haven't been able to verify that they are. can't remember where i saw them now, either. i think they would look good on my Piano Black Imps.

i see that Vintage Logo can make up any head of choice. i think i'll get a Partridge Family made up. although that KC and the Sunshine Band is looking rather sweet.

thanks for the info, Bo.
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