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Default Re: Vinnie Colaiuta goes to PAISTE

Originally Posted by Chunky - Hellraizer View Post
I can't believe what a big deal it is. It's devastating for Zildjian but, why would anyone else really care?
I'm not sure anyone does.....really. It's more just an interesting point of discussion that drum nerds can gather round and speculate to our nerdy heart's content.

Sure as hell beats yet another thread on who makes the fastest 5B sticks. Or what the best velcro for the underside of a base pettle is. Or whether burying a ZBT will really turn it into a K Custom. Or whether one should teach now that they've just completed their third week of lessons. Or even The Beatles vs Korn (yes, that one really exists!!!).

Nup....gimme Vinnie and his 602's (or not), anyday of the week.
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