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Default What's Your Favorite Album Side?

Sorry, you only get one. If in a quandary, flip a coin. Add commentary if it might help.

Back in the day when LP albums had sides; more often than not, the "A" side got worn out and the "B" side went almost unplayed. But in some cases, the "B" side hit you right where it counts.

For me, it's the "B" side of "Carolina Dreams" from "The Marshall Tucker Band". Only three songs: "Desert Skies," Never Trust a Stranger," and "Tell it to the Devil."

One night in late summer 1977 - my 18th year - I caught my mom sitting in MY bedroom in MY armchair wearing MY headphones listening to MY records - she yelled, "You gotta listen to this album!" I'd already heard it, but "Heard it in a Love Song" was the hit on the radio at the time and the flip side of the album was, well... the "flip" side.

So, one day when I was in the "right mood," I took her advice and listened. Really listened. Headphones and all. Since that day, I've "listened" to a lot of music, but no album side has bumped MTB's "B" side of "Carolina Dreams" from the top of my list.

Mom left to go find better music with Jimi, Janis, Bonzo and Lennon and left me with my old album collection. But sometimes, I'll pop in my new MTB CD and listen to the "B" side of "Carolina Dreams" while cuddling that old record with the strange brown stains on the album sleeve, and I'll hear in the back of my mind, "You gotta listen to this album!"

I did.

Love you Mom!!

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